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Online teaching

I am available for lessons on:


  • Guitar,

  • Banjo,

  • Mandolin

  • Improvisation

  • Music Theory

One-to-one bespoke lessons in person from my studio in Dollar, Clackmannanshire or via Zoom or Skype


All levels and ages welcome 

Rock, Pop, Jazz, Folk and Classical 

Friendly and relaxed, focusing on establishing a secure technique but also on developing general musicianship and a strong ear 


It is my belief that all musicians have the potential to improvise, play by ear and also read music: each of these skills encourages and improves the other and can bring confidence to all aspects of musical performance, from rock soloing to jazz-bar jam sessions to playing with a large orchestra.


I recommend 30 minute lessons for primary aged children and 45 minutes for secondary aged students and adults.

One-off 1hr masterclasses are also available.


Please get in touch for prices.

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